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Name: Toni B., (not giving out my real name)
Race: African American or *black*
Sign: Gemini (Born May 25, 1982)
State: Virginia, somewhere within a radius of Richmond, its capital city.
Likes: Collecting video games, Japanese animation (anime), drawing, riding my boy's quad motorcycle, making my computer made art with Photoshop.
Hates: Working (unfortunately it's the only way to make the green.), The radio (they straight up LIE when they say it's commercial free), and mainstream hip hop and R&B that gets played on the radio literally 100,000 times a day, where all they talk about is hoes, money, big cars......*bling bling* to make a long story short. If I hear these following artists one more time, I'm gonna scream so loud I could beat Mariah Carey in a glass breaking contest, and then she'll be proud of me.
>Any rapper whose name starts with "Lil'". I swear to god, Lil this, Lil that, ....ARRRGH!!!! It's becoming a plague!
>Lil Kim
>Anything Cash Money Records
>Ja Rule/Murder Inc.
>R. Kelly
>Ghetto Fabulous
>P.Diddy (I call him "P.Shitty)
>Sean Paul
*However, "No Letting Go" by Wayne Wonder is one song I actually enjoy on the radio.
Favorite Types of Games: ANYTHING except sports. But what I really like are Role Playing Games, Fighting Games, First person shooters, and 2-D Side/Vertical Scrolling shooters and run and jump action platformers. Currently collecting: SNK Neo Geo stuff and Japanese games in general, especially Famicom.
Favorite TV Shows: America's Funniest Home Videos, Real TV, Smart Guy (sometimes), Family Matters, 8 Simple Rules on Dating My Teenage Daughter, MTV's Punk'd, World's Scariest Police Chases, Maximum Exposure (so late at night. Thank god for Pre-programmable VCRs)
Favorite Anime: X, Ceres, Area 88, Robotech (Macross), Escaflowne, Weib Kreuz, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and more stuff
>Hip Hop (the good hip hop, this time the elite (yet some little known) MC's such as Talib Kweli, Eminem, Mos Def, Common Sense, C. Rayz Walz,  Wu Tang Clan, Jedi Mind Tricks, 50 Cent, Digable Planets, Notorious B.I.G, The Pharcyde.)
>Some old school R&B & modern jazz (as an escape from the repetitiveness of the radio and don't feel like scrambling through my tapes, CD's and minidiscs.)
>Video Game Music (thanx to all these new emulators popping up that have jukeboxes built in and have WAV log in function, I've been able to make CD's for my listening pleasure, even when driving on the road)

 I bring you video game and anime fans this site for the appreciation of these two subjects. But all this is mostly on my background with these. I've had my first game console the Nintendo Entertainment System since I think 1988 or 89 and had it ever since. As of Atari, we had that thing even before I was born. But I've experienced all the events in game history mostly in the 1990's. In fact, after Christmas of 1992 going on 1993 my range on more genres of games had expanded first thing was the old game shows Video Power (Johnny Arcade, we NES fans miss you to death!!!) "Nick Arcade" (you're gonna run into our four P's, Points, Puzzles, Pop Quizzes and Prizes...) . First of all I was introduced to the 16 bit world when I got my Super Nintendo in Xmas 1992. And I remember one day in 1993 when I was introduced to the role playing genre. I can remember it like yesterday. Snow was to be forecasted for the next day, so we went to the department store to get some things. So that night I asked if I could buy a game. So that night I thought I'd try something different than just side scrollers. So that night that "different something" I bought was a game called Final Fantasy. The first one on the 8-bit NES. Now that didn't stop me from paying attention to my new Super NES. I can also remember the never ending fighting game craze, (1993-1994) when many game magazines could never thrive without a tiny piece of info about Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. Man compared to now, back then becuase I was eleven years old, I felt like an outcast at the arcade becuase all the Street Fighter II machines, especially the Turbo Hyper Fighting Edition on the gigantic 30+ inch monitor, Mortal Kombat and the Neo Geo machines with World Heroes, the Fatal Fury games and Samurai Showdown were just crowded! I wanted to join them but I was just too impatient to wait (and too afraid to get owned by the "much older players")my turn so I wasted my time on Forgotten Worlds & the other Neo Geo MVS Choice Machine with the games Robo Army, Ghost Pilots, Magician Lord, Sengoku, and Art of Fighting until the fighting machines were clear of challengers.

See the list of all the games that I own.

The Games, Anime and MoviesThat I Own

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