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You may think this is another drawing of Strider Hiryu. But it isn't. It's actually another Strider I made up. His name is Strider Hanzo. Unlike Hiryu's Cipher Saber, I gave Strider Hanzo a unique set of weapons,well unique for a Strider: a double ended laser Cipher. It's a Darth Maul kind of thing..


After coming back from my local amusement park once, I was playing Final Fantasy VIII and I came up with this idea. I decided to put just some of the characters on a roller coaster. So I picked Squall, Rinoa and Seifer, the three people on the game's cover. Is this the first time anyone see Squall actually have fun?? Of course, despite his shallow attitude in the game, I made him have fun!


Uh Oh...More FF8 thrill ride fun. This time I got (from the left)Quistis, Zell, Laguna, and Irvine on the ever dreaded freefall ride! Worse yet, aside from those incredible g-forces pushing and shoving them from the sky to the ground, the rushing air made Irvine lose his trademark cowboy hat.





Animated Sprite Rips.


Maxima from Robo Army, a Neo Geo classic.


Robert T. Sturgeon (AKA "Jungle Rat Rob"), Ninja Gaiden 2



The trademark Burning Unicorn emblem from the anime Area 88. Actually ripped off the title screen of the U.N. Squadron arcade ROM.

Part of the intro from "Revenge of Shinobi", when Joe Musashi deflects incoming shuriken.



The Ikari Warriors team from the King of Fighters series, Heidern, Leona, Ralf, and Clark. Note: The kanji in the middle of it is taken from the title screen of the very first Ikari arcade game from the 1980's.

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